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Political leaders should be chosen on the agenda of environmental conservation

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Author: Ravinder Bhardwaj

Air pollution, due to greenhouse gases, and land pollution due to various commercial and domestic activities of which insufficient and inefficient plastics management and chemical wastes are among the most harmful pollutants for the environment on a global scale. Greenhouse gases are the major contributor to global warming which is one of the driving force of extreme weather disasters. Plastics and chemicals are polluting our lands and oceans whose direct detrimental effects on our ecosystem have started to appear.

Delaying and stopping further damage to the planet will be challenging but not impossible if the right strategies are designed and rigid actions are taken to implement those strategies. Government policies play an instrumental role in shaping our economy, education system, health system, country’s security and many more. Now it is high time for when public to start voting for their political leaders of the country based on a manifesto that also includes practical action towards fighting climate change and protecting the environment. Change should start NOW or NEVER!

It is high time when voters are required to demand more on a manifesto offered by political leaders and shift their attitude towards electing their country and local leaders based on including climate change and environmental protection on the agenda they promise and deliver.

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