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For environmental health, old technologies need scrapping and new technologies must encompass the health of the whole planet. New technologies should be completely sustainable, cheap, easy to transport, easy to maintain and repair, can be adapted for domestic use (wherever possible), produce no greenhouse gases, easy to be replaced with a new unit, made up of either 100% renewable or recyclable materials.
Electric Car Battery Charging
Negative changes in the climate will certainly be our biggest threat if we don’t do anything about it or can be our biggest challenge if we started working together to avoid climate catastrophe.
Election Campaign
It is high time when voters are required to demand more on a manifesto offered by political leaders and shift their attitude towards electing their country and local leaders based on including climate change and environmental protection on the agenda they promise and deliver. 
Light Bulb
Although the idea might not entirely be novel, it took shape and direction in my mind independently of similar work done elsewhere. How can energy be harnessed from water by mimicking the process of photosynthesis which trees have adapt for nearly 3.4 billion years ago.  
Math Formulas
The word ‘Division’ in mathematics is an operation that means the opposite of multiplication. The division is normally written as Numerator/Denominator or N/D in short, for example, 10/5 that would give 2 as an answer. Let us understand this with an example.
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